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We've been in the tech industry since 1993 and watched it evolve from distinctly separate large telecom and small IT departments that operated as CAPEX to the overlapping technology departments that they are today mostly as OPEXs.  Along the way, we have stayed true to our Customers and grown our business to keep up with the technology trends so that we are prepared to help them transition as their systems reach their end of life.  We have relationships with more than 170 industry Suppliers specializing in solutions including Microsoft Teams, mobile device management, remote workstation management, HelpDesk, failover internet circuits, Security, DR, CCaaS, and more. Our objective remains the solve the pains of growth as our customers turn to us for solutions.  Many of our staff hold industry certifications in areas of technologies including Unify, Telecommunications, Wireless and IoT, UCaas, CCaaS, and several vendor, Supplier, and VAR certifications.

More Choices with Dynamic:

Dynamic Telecom, Inc. provides organizations with robust Cloud solution options.  We’ve vetted the top suppliers for each technology, and we understand their strengths and weaknesses in each category.  We’ve also assessed the optimal suppliers for your specific vertical.

Experience with the Following Verticals:

Education, Healthcare, Insurance, Restaurant/Hospitality, Real Estate, Automotive, Financial, SMB, Logistics, Enterprise, Retail, Government, Software.

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